What A Benefit!

Thanks to everyone who made it to the benefit show for #1 fan and friend Dave. Great vibe, great bands, and a lot of money was raised. Here’s to you and your positive intentions!

fitz 12976916_254639261551832_1760479895050235801_o

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Major Benefit Show. dUNE Fan #1

Please mark your Calender for Sat. April 9th and attend this benefit show at Fitzgeralds. Our friend Dave is battling Stage 4 lung cancer and needs your help. Dave is a huge fan and supporter of the Houston music scene. You probably know who he is. He’s the guy dancing in the front row at dUNETX shows.

The benefit starts at 1pm. dUNE on at 3:45. Come on and show some support.

Dave Ganz Benefit                                                                                                                         Sat. April 9th                                                                                                                              Fitzgerald’s                                                                                                                                   Doors at 1  /  dUNE at 3:45


dave poster

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SXSW 2016 Recap From The ATX

This year’s sxsw seemed a little more tame than year’s past, which was awesome. Still a ton of great bands all over the city, it was just a little easier to get around. We biked it.

Some of the standouts were Hockey Dad, Yuck, Peaches, Houston’s own Los Skarnales, and Charles Bradley. Austin is changing a lot, and in my opinion, not in a good way. Just like everywhere else, generic high rise housing is being built wherever they can make it fit. The city is losing its small town, laid back feel, but you can get $3000 a month loft. Overall a good time, and if you get up to Austin, check out Sway, a great place to eat.

hockey peaches yuck

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Cranking Things Up.

Just Announced::                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sat March 12th                                                                                                                                    @ Big Top Lounge                                                                                                                                Rock N Roll Party…10pm. Free Show. All dUNE – All Night.

frisbee dog

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An Office Building On The Southwest Side

This generic looking office building is where Machowagon was recorded. Not sure what it is now, but we got some awesome sounds out of that room. The legendary Steve Ames was on the board. Spent a lot of late late nights in that parking lot, listening to rough mixes. Take me back to six five…



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Things To Come.

Knee deep in recording demos.                                                                                                        Here’s a blurb for a new one called Sympathy Pains.

Listen up.

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Thanks For The Freakout

Great dUNETXmas Freakout this year, Big Star Bar was packed tight. It was a cool way to wrap up the year and see friends. Here’s some photos our buddy Korey got at the show.


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dUNETXmas Freakout. Heights Tx Edition

Our annual dUNETXmas Freakout is here!

freakout 17

This year we’re moving the party to the Houston Heights….

After 5 years of playing our fave spot The Big Top Lounge, we’re headed to Big Star Bar.


Friday Dec. 18th  10pm                                                                                                                 dUNETXmas Freakout                                                                                                                  Big Star Bar                                                                                                                                        Free Show – All dUNE All Night    

Come on. It’s going to be an old rock n roll bar party.



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Rock n Roll At Local Love

Thanks to everyone that made it to Local Love, it was a good  time. We’ll be playing another one soon.



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Local Love Parking Lot Party. This Weekend

We’re playing a mega parking lot party this weekend.  dUNE plays at 3pm sharp. Come On!


Supporting & Connecting Houston Businesses
Saturday October 24th from 3-8pm. The Refinery

Live Entertainment Sponsored by
Houston Whatever Fest:
Dune TX
Night Drive
Gio Chamba

Food, Art, and More from:
Mug Life
Kick Pool
Art Deck Co
Chiropractic Dr
Brew Heart Apparel
Before The Bulb – Handcrafted Vintage Candles & Home Accessories
D’Lites Cakes, Catering & More
Spray Tan in Ten
FYHA Clothing Co.
Omar Marcos
Top Of The Pops HTX
Missy Bosch Studio
tic Jewelry Designs
Tom Rye
TheArt Rebels
Southern Bliss Designs
Modular Dog
Sweat Club Houston

Tastings From:
Herman Marshall Whiskey
St. Arnold’s Brewing Co.
Karbach Brewing Co.
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company
Katz Coffee

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