Sat In With Garage Rock Legends…The Fleshtones

We got to play a show with garage rock kingpins The Fleshtones, and even got to sit in for a number. Rock n Roll is crazy!



Getting some choreography in….




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Nice Blurb About The Band

Here’s a blurb from Jeremy Hart and Space City Rock. A preview of this weekend’s #Madness On Main Festival.


Ah, dUNE.TX, still kicking after all these freaking years. I can’t be positive about it, but I’m fairly certain Chris Sacco and his cohorts were already playing regular shows around town when I first moved here, and that was just shy of 20 years ago, now; through the intervening decades, Sacco’s insistently popped up again and again, blasting out that overfuzzed, wide-smiling, kinda-grooving alt-rock like he just doesn’t give a damn about anything else. And hey, I’ve got to respect that, y’know? I’ll admit to not being dUNE.TX’s biggest fan back in the day, but listening back now to tracks off 2002′s Goldenarm and 1999′s Machowagon, I’m finding myself grinning and bobbing my head along. Those songs are sweet and goofy like vintage Fountains of Wayne or Cheap Trick but with a distinctly Texan accent to ‘em, like sadly-overlooked ’90s band Tripping Daisy, and yeah, I’m liking ‘em more than I remembered from the olden days. And just for fun, here’s a video from the band’s early 2000s heyday, for “The Kids”

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Madness On Main Street..We’re Playing a Festival

We got a good one coming up this weekend………. #MadnessOnMainStreet.
All day, all night festival at 4 venues on Main Street.
Tons of great bands playing.
dUNE @ 10:45 @ Big Top Lounge



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dUNETX @ iFest Sunday May 4th

Just In ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

dUNETX is playing this year’s Houston International Festival.

Sunday May 4th 2:30pm.

Texas Stage.

Huge 2 weekend festival in downtown  Houston


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dUNETX White Fang Fungi Girls…A Rock N Roll Free For All

white fang poster 4-6-14

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dUNETX With Garage Rock Legends The Fleshtones

Houston: It’s Official.

fleshtone show

We’re playing with garage rock legends The Fleshtones.

Mon March 17th…St Patrick’s Day.

The Continental Club, Houston, TX.

Major rock N roll event. Do it.

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First Show 0f 2014. Bring Your Mouth Guard And Skates

Houston Roller Derby Season Opener

Sat. Feb 15th                                                                                                                                             

Bayou Music Theater

Doors @ 6pm – Bout @ 7 – dUNE @ Halftime

dUNE is playing the season opener for Houston Roller Derby.

Roller Derby has gotten beyond huge, so we can expect 2000 people out for the opener. dUNE is playing the halftime show. Get tickets before it sells out, it will sell out. You gotta make this one.

Info @


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Guitar Rig Overhaul. Fender Strat – Fender Twin Reverb II – Fuzz Pedals…Go.


So for the past year I’ve been refining my guitar rig. Before then, the sound had pretty much been the same. I always liked my rig and how it sounded, but after 10 years of the same thing, it was time to expand my playing, songwriting, and just the overall sonics. Everything on the board has been there forever. The core sound has always been a Fender Guitar, Fender Amp, & Big Muff. The Silverface Twin I used was ran through a Marshall cab for more low end and beef.twin3 Anyway I started putting together the new sound a little over a year ago, It started with getting a Fender Twin Reverb II. I’ve never been a fan of combos, but wanted to experiment with something that was more punchy and dynamic. To be honest I haven’t been super happy with the sound of the Twin II. Being a combo, it just doesn’t have as full a sound as a closed back amp. Also, as part of a trio we’re all covering a lot a ground, so we have to sound full. The combo is punchy but not dense enough for what we’re doing. Fast forward, the base of the new rig is a Strat with a Twin Reverb II. For the new sound I started using a ProCo RAT for distortion and a MXR Classic Overdrive for a gritty ratsclean tone and leads. At first it was ok sounding but the RAT is a super aggressive sounding distortion and doesn’t have a lot of low end. Also the main thing I didn’t like, was it would clip if you cranked it past 2 o’clock. It got to the point I was just using the MXR for all of the distortion. Since the RAT was clipping so quick, it was getting really annoying and sounding like mush. In the mean time I ended up getting a Boss DD-7. With a vintage Big Muff, Small Stone and Digitech Delay, my board had no space left on it, plus tone was getting sucked by the Electro Harmonix stuff. The DD-7 had a few cool settings I was looking for plus a small foot print. It’s like a swiss army knife of delay. To get my distorted sound together after doing a ton of research, I decided on the Blackout Effectors Blundberuss Fuzz.blunderbuss fuzz After initially going for more of a overdrive / distortion sound, I ended up going back to fuzz. Not your average fuzz though. The Blunderbuss is a mega loud and flexible pedal. It almost has too many possibilities. It ended up being the foundation for my new tone. The Blundebuss is like a vintage Big Muff, but with more ways to dial in a better sound. It also can do some straight up disortion or crunch. Like I said though, it’s a loud pedal, high output, so it’s over the top. The only thing I don’t like about it, is it has some kind of gating when the signals tales off, and it cuts the signals off. It almost sounds like clipping, but it’s not. It’s a gate. So that’s kind of a bummer if you’re trying to get some sustain happening. Besides that, it’s a solid pedal.  To be continued…

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17th Annual dUNETXmas Freakout. One Night Only

We’re having our annual dUNETXmas Freakout. It’s the 17th year we’ve been putting this party on. This year’s Freakout will be the a sight and sound overload. Come on, It’s Free.


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Major Concert Announcement : dUNETX with Dead Confederate & Equals (Houston,Tx)

Major show coming up…..If you haven’t heard this band, jump on youtube and listen to some tunes. Great stuff.

We’re playing with Athens Ga, Dead Confederate and Austin’s Equals.

Friday November 22, 2013                                                                                               Rudyard’s                                                                                                                                         08:00 PM 21 & Over                                                                                                                      $10.00 ADV
$12.00 DAY OF

Doors @ 8pm -  dUNE @ 9PM.

More info on  the show @                                                            

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