Tech Talk : Fender Twin II / Marshall Set Up

We have a major outdoor show coming up this weekend. This one is in the streets of The Heights,Tx. Last they year estimated 60,000 people were in the neighborhood.                   With limited sound, we had to pull out some different gear for this show.

dual amp

Going to be running the Fender Twin Reverb II, plus go external to the Marshall 4 x 12. In rehearsals this rig is sounding great. A lot more low end and chunky. A good combo  with the Twin being open back.                                                                                                            This party has been pretty wild and crowded in the past so we wanted to make sure we have the power behind the tunes. Come by, we play Saturday at 730 at Jubilee on 19th St.

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This Saturday, Over The Top Street Party, White Linen Night In The Heights

Going big this weekend. Get there early you, or you’ll be parking miles away. Giant show, great crowd. Do it…

whitelinen 2015

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The Amazing Theremin Or The Box Of Weird

Great show at Henke & Pillot. We even had a few fans come up and play the Box Of Weird.  It’s  also called a theremin….Good stuff.

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Houston Hash House Harriers Fiestavus8 After Party

New Show Alert * Downtown Houston

Sun. July 26th                                                                                                                              Henke & Pillot                                                                                                              Houston, Tx                                                                                                                                     dUNE is playing the Houston Hash House Harriers Fiestavus 8 after party, wild crowd, great party. Cool new venue in downtown Houston next to Market Square.                                                                                                                                                                                                     730pm * Free Show * Come On!

more info  @





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JUST ANNOUNCED: dUNETX Playing White Linen Night. Heights,Tx

This Just In:     

dUNETX is playing this year’s White Linen Night in the Heights.                                              Major street party in Houston’s Heights with 50,000 people.                                                                                                                                                              Sat. Aug 1st. 2015

Details Coming Soon…


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New Song Alert. “There’s A Hand”

We played a benefit show for our friend Dave few weeks ago, great turnout, great energy, and an awesome guy. Thanks to everyone that helped.

We also got a video for a new song we have called “There’s A Hand”. It’s working its way up the set list. Check it out.

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Saccoustico On Reverbnation. Listen Up.

Listen to some new Saccoustico songs on Reverbnation.


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The Week In Rock. A lot Of Shows

Gear Check Monday…We got a lot on tap this week.

Solo Sacoustico show with Christopher Owens at
Fitzgerald’s Fri June 12th. Doors @ 8, Music @ 9

dUNE benefit show for our friend Dave Ganz at
The Continental Club, Houston, TX Sun June 14th. Doors@ noon, Music @ 1

Plus a few more surprises in between. Come on.


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Sacoustico with Christopher Owens (ex-GIRLS)

Mega solo show coming up…..

Fri. June 12th                                                                                                                  Fitzgerald’s                                                                                                                           Houston, Tx                                                                                                                               Sacco Solo Show.                                                                                                                            With Christopher Owens from the band GIRLS.                                                             Doors @ 8pm  / Sacoustico @ 9


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Small Sounds. Short Songs, Guitar & Voice.

What’s up –                                                                                                                                             I’ve started a series called Small Sounds. It’s quick recordings of guitar and vocals. Press record and go, I’ve done these on my phone and the idea was to not rehearse or over do the whole process. Just go for it when the urge comes on.

Heart Bite








Here is the first one. It’s called “Clarity”.

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