Spring Freakout 2015. dUNE Turns 20.

We have a huge free party coming up and want you there. It’s our annual Spring Rock n Roll party. All dUNE, All Night. We’re also celebrating the band going strong for 20 yrs. Craziness..



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SXSW 2015. A Quick Recap.

Saw some great acts at #sxsw2015. Austin didn’t seem to have the same buzz as past years, but the acts were still great. Some of my faves were, ibeyi, cool French/Cuban sisters doing ethnic soul music with awesome beats.  Also, Deerhoof came through big.  They pulled off some intense art rock, that went off almost into out there free jazz. Awesome, energetic live show.  Spoon also did a free show at Town Lake. One of my favorite bands, and they’ve up’ed their game. They have added some visuals to the live show, and are looking like a full fledged arena rock act these days. Some of the newer stuff I wasn’t really into, but they have progressed with their sound and songs. Overall it was a good #sxsw, not the best I’ve been to, but an excuse to get to Austin and hear music, always wins.

cribs                                            (The Cribs at Container Bar)


spoon                                            (Charles Bradley @ Auditorium Shores)

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Cool Blurb From Space City Rock. Read On.

Ah, dUNE.TX, still kicking after all these freaking years. I can’t be positive about it, but I’m fairly certain Chris Sacco and his cohorts were already playing regular shows around town when I first moved here, and that was just shy of 20 years ago, now; through the intervening decades, Sacco’s insistently popped up again and again, blasting out that overfuzzed, wide-smiling, kinda-grooving alt-rock like he just doesn’t give a damn about anything else. And hey, I’ve got to respect that, y’know?

I’ll admit to not being dUNE.TX’s biggest fan back in the day, but listening back now to tracks off 2002’s Goldenarm and 1999’s Machowagon, I’m finding myself grinning and bobbing my head along. Those songs are sweet and goofy like vintage Fountains of Wayne or Cheap Trick but with a distinctly Texan accent to ‘em, like sadly-overlooked ’90s band Tripping Daisy, and yeah, I’m liking ‘em more than I remembered from the olden days. And just for fun, here’s a video from the band’s early 2000s heyday, for “The Kids”

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dUNETX with Electric Six @ Fitzgerald’s. Rock N Roll Saved My Soul.

Mega Show On Tap…Just Announced.
dUNETX with Detroit’s Electric Six

Friday March 6th Fitzgerald’s

Doors @ 8pm

dUNE @ 8:30 – Avan Lava @ 9:30 – Electric Six @ 10:30

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New, Live, Video Footage From dUNETXmas FreaKOut 16.

Here’s some songs from the 16th Annual Freakout. This is the first recordings for Keep Your Eyes On The Weeds, and There’s A Hand.

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2015. It’s Great Start. Rock N Roll Party In The Streets.

We’re off and running in 2015. Had some great shows in Houston and Austin, more in the works. Stay tuned Spring is looking good. Here’s a few pics from the Fitz show with Mineral. You were an awesome crowd! Thanks.


22222We also played Karbach Brewing. If you haven’t had their beer, get on it. Here’s an action shot from the show.

rockin karbach

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dUNETX * Mineral * Feels Like The 90’s



Mineral ShowWe got a big to start 2015, Houston you win. Austin’s Mineral is reuniting for a few shows. Houston is one of the dates, and we’re supporting them. This is going to be a monster show. Grab tix early, and be prepared for some sonic adjustments to your ears. Come, we’ll look for you.

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Austin,Tx * We’re Coming For You * Free Week

Gypsy Lounge

We’re starting 2015 strong. Our first show of the year is in the great city of Austin, Tx. It’s been a while since we’ve been to Austin, so come show some support. Let’s catch up and play some loud rock n roll. It’s been too long since we’ve seen you.

Awesome line up of music with The Dead Links and Amplified Heat. It’s also Free Week in Austin.  dUNE @ 11PM, we’re headlining the night.



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What A FreaKOut. It Got Loud.

Probably one of our best dUNETXmas Freakout’s. Thanks for coming, we’ll see you in 2015. Check out some video from the show.Thanks to our friend Korey at Union Of Human…Good stuff.

booth sac





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dUNETXmas Xmas Freakout 16 Annual Party

It’s that time of year. We are having our annual party and want you there. This is the 16th year we’ve done this. Come on, it’s free. 10pm.

South Korea Christmas

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