Sacoustico & Dax Riggs.. A Night Of Moody Acoustic Guitar

dax poster

Come on. It’s going to be a good one.

Doors@ 8    Sacoustico@ 9   Dax Riggs@ 10

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Doing Demos During Demo

So it’s funny how things work every once in a while. It’s about to time to start working on demo’s for new tunes. Mainly new tunes for my solo project. Anyway, this time around we are doing something differently. I’m actually bringing in an engineer with a mobile set up to to record at my place. It so happens there is demolition going on at the same time. So we’re about to record some tunes with the whole place in disarray. Let’s see what happens. Here’s the vocal booth for tonight…

bathroom demo

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What A Show! Thanks Houston

Thanks to everyone that made it out to White Linen Night last weekend. It was an amazing show with an amazing crowd (you). You were a rowdy, fun, bunch, and we thank you.

Also, we saw a lot of pics being taken, if you have any good ones contact us.

white linen 2014-2


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The Universe At Work. Accept And Receive.

You cannot get in the way of the universe. It’s impossible. Things

are in the works that you have no control over, can stop, or can

change. At times you are being pulled in a direction for a reason you do

not know about while it’s happening. Sometimes the universe will reveal

why it pulled you in this direction, sometimes there may be a

bigger picture down the road that will reveal itself then. The

universe is not always this strong or pulling us in such a direct

path. However, when it does, you have to be amazed and acknowledge we

are part of a bigger reality than the conscious mind we think we

live in everyday. I experienced something that was way beyond

my control or coincidence and was brought to me at the exact

right second. Sometimes things are there for the taking, all you

have to do is ask your higher self for them. Even better, you don’t

have to ask, you get what your higher self thinks you need.

When we are living at a higher vibration and self aware, the

universe will open up to us and provide for us. There is no doubt.  The best part is, you

really don’t need to do anything except receive. Enjoy your day.

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White Linen Nights In The Heights..dUNETX Live

:::The Triumphant Return:::
This Saturday August 2nd
White Linen Night in the Heights
8pm ShowTime In Front Of Jubilee on 19th.

We got about 75 songs for you. Come hang out with us and a couple of thousand of your best friends!
We’ll sing songs and drink wine.

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Sat In With Garage Rock Legends…The Fleshtones

We got to play a show with garage rock kingpins The Fleshtones, and even got to sit in for a number. Rock n Roll is crazy!



Getting some choreography in….




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Nice Blurb About The Band

Here’s a blurb from Jeremy Hart and Space City Rock. A preview of this weekend’s #Madness On Main Festival.


Ah, dUNE.TX, still kicking after all these freaking years. I can’t be positive about it, but I’m fairly certain Chris Sacco and his cohorts were already playing regular shows around town when I first moved here, and that was just shy of 20 years ago, now; through the intervening decades, Sacco’s insistently popped up again and again, blasting out that overfuzzed, wide-smiling, kinda-grooving alt-rock like he just doesn’t give a damn about anything else. And hey, I’ve got to respect that, y’know? I’ll admit to not being dUNE.TX’s biggest fan back in the day, but listening back now to tracks off 2002′s Goldenarm and 1999′s Machowagon, I’m finding myself grinning and bobbing my head along. Those songs are sweet and goofy like vintage Fountains of Wayne or Cheap Trick but with a distinctly Texan accent to ‘em, like sadly-overlooked ’90s band Tripping Daisy, and yeah, I’m liking ‘em more than I remembered from the olden days. And just for fun, here’s a video from the band’s early 2000s heyday, for “The Kids”

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Madness On Main Street..We’re Playing a Festival

We got a good one coming up this weekend………. #MadnessOnMainStreet.
All day, all night festival at 4 venues on Main Street.
Tons of great bands playing.
dUNE @ 10:45 @ Big Top Lounge



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dUNETX @ iFest Sunday May 4th

Just In ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

dUNETX is playing this year’s Houston International Festival.

Sunday May 4th 2:30pm.

Texas Stage.

Huge 2 weekend festival in downtown  Houston


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dUNETX White Fang Fungi Girls…A Rock N Roll Free For All

white fang poster 4-6-14

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