Fender Twin Reverb II Reconing

The Fender Twin Reverb II has been super reliable for the past 6 years. Being a older amp you figure things will come up, but this amp has been great.

Lately there’s been a few issues come up. Tubes going out, loose tube sockets, which probably caused the tubes to go out.

Most recently though, one of the speakers went out. Priced some online, which were going for around 70.00 – 90.00. After more research, I decided to go with reconing the speaker. It’s a vintage Fender blue back and I wanted to keep everything matched. The guy who did the work has been doing speaker reconing in Houston for 30+ years. It’s going back in the amp today.                                                                                                                                         We’ll see how it sounds…

Fender Twin Reverb II

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