Thanks, See You In 2017

Thanks to everyone that made it to the last show of 2016, and all of our shows this year. See you in 2017.


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The 18th Annual dUNETXmas Freakout

It’s here, The dUNETXmas Holiday Freakout…

We’re bringing our annual holiday show back for the 18th year.
Saturday Dec 17th.
Big Top Lounge
Free Show

We kick off around 9:30.

No opener this year. We’ve been getting cardio in, so we’re going for the gold. All dUNE All Night. We play til the tunes are gone.

Come on, we got some new stuff you need to hear.
Visualize If Weezer was dating The Ronettes.


dUNETXmas Freakout 18

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Yes Indeed Fest. Preview From Space City Rock

Here’s a preview from Space City Rock about the band and this weekend’s Yes Indeed Music Festival. Good stuff, thanks Jeremy!

I wasn’t actually sure if longtime H-town rock band dUNETX was actually going to be playing Yes, Indeed! this year — they weren’t on at least one list I’ve seen — but then yesterday I saw the official word from the band themselves, so here we are. And that’s a very, very good thing, because I seriously want these guys to keep playing until the end of time.

Now, for a little bit of brutal honesty: there was a long, long period where I just couldn’t get into this band. I liked them, sure, and they’re good, good dudes, an integral part of the scene here, but it just wasn’t my thing. Over the years, though, they’ve seriously grown on me, in large part due to the prodding of YI! organizer (and SCR writer) Jason Smith. They’re fun and bright and shiny and fuzzy and cheery, like one giant vat of retro-fied power-pop all melted down and forged into a massively dense, sugary-sweet, overwhelming lollipop of pop-rock goodness. Listening to these guys brings me back to the Good Old Days of H-town Music, when it seemed preordained that bands like The Jinkies and 30footFALL would one day rule the world (if only, dammit).


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dUNTEX Plays Legendary Pecan Street Festival Austin,Tx


dUNETX has been invited to play the legendary Pecan Street Festival in Austin Texas.

This is the 36th year for the festival and we’re super stoked to be playing. Awesome party in the heart of Downtown Austin.
*SAT. SEPT 24th. 6th Street @ Red River. Free!!

Come On and Tell Some Friends. ATX we’re coming for you.



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dUNETX Live At Yes Indeed Music Fest! Houston,Tx

dUNETX is playing this year’s Yes, Indeed Music Festival.

Sat Sept 17th. Presented by 8th Wonder Brewery.

20+ bands, All day & night at Warehouse Live, Lucky’s Pub, Neil’s Bahr.

Come on, this one’s going big!

yes indeed

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