The Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss Hybrid Fuzz..Talk about Dynamic

This is a Blackout Effectors Blunderbuss Fuzz. It sounds like the original¬† Electro Harmonix Big Muff from all of the dUNE albums and live shows. Except it doesn’t take up a ton of real estate on your pedal board, it’s true bypass so your signal doesn’t get crushed. and it’s louder…it has headroom for days. I’ve tested it with a Fender Twin Reverb II with a strat, and it’s amazing. You read reviews about how flexible and versatile it is, but it really is! I was able to dial up a couple of different sounds, but still getting the hang of it. I even ran it through the twin with a Marshall cab. At first it sounded like my vintage Big Muff, not super flexible and mushy. After 15 or 20 minutes of tweaks, I was able to dial in an awesome sound that worked with the Marshall. I’ve only scratched the surface on the possible sounds, but so far, this thing is pretty awesome. First boutique pedal ever, and have to say it has been a great investment.

blunderbuss fuzz

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